Still from Chasms of Silence

National Parks Day

4 films

Discover our collection of stories spotlighting the untouched wilderness and beautiful nature of the Yukon.

Still from Brain Clever

Filmmaker Spotlight: Lulu Keating

4 films

Internationally-acclaimed Dawson-based filmmaker Lulu Keating continues to experiment in storytelling with style.

Still from Drift / La Derive

Filmmaker Spotlight: Veronica Verkley

4 films

From puppetry to montage, Veronica's films capture the territory in its ethereal, organic forms.

Still from Homecoming Song

Indigenous Stories and Creators

5 films

Five films to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day and some of Yukon's indigenous filmmakers.

Still from All the Time in the World

Earth Day 2021

4 films

Four films to celebrate our planet. Use code "EARTHDAY" to watch these films for free!

Still from Degrees North

New Releases

8 films

Check out the films recently added to Available Light On Demand's library.

Still from All the Time in the World

Wild Adventures

5 films

Follow brilliant people as they navigate beautiful life: The uphills... the downhills.... the rivers... the cold temperatures...

Still from All the Time in the World

Films from North of 64°

14 films

Filmmakers, producers and stories from the far-north of the territory.

Still from All It Gives

Meet New People

7 films

With a landscape this big and bold, you'd better believe the people are just as interesting.

Still from Cold Paradise

Uniquely Whitehorse

4 films

Novel tales from the Wilderness City

Still from All It Gives

2020 Releases

16 films

Check out the latest films on Available Light On Demand

Still from All the Time in the World

2019 Releases

7 films

Films from the Yukon and/or by Yukon Filmmakers

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