2020 Releases

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Still from All It Gives

All It Gives

Showcasing one of Toronto's best up and coming Hiphop dancers, "All It Gives" follows the story of Kosi Eze, a Nigerian immigrant who moved to Canada when she was fourteen.

Still from Camera Trap

Camera Trap

Camera Trap, is an intimate portrait about aspiring wilderness photographer Peter Mather and the lengths he will go to capture the one perfect shot to tell the story of the Porcupine Caribou herd and the greatest land migration on earth.

Still from Chasms of Silence

Chasms of Silence

A meditative walk across the Arctic Circle inspires contemplations on life, death and infinity.

Still from Drift / La Derive

Drift / La Derive

A humble character, adrift in the little boat, endlessly dreams their surroundings to life.

Still from Field Notes

Field Notes

Three years’ worth of daily video clips compressed into three minutes; looking south from a cabin.

Still from Ghosts of the Joe Henry

Ghosts of the Joe Henry

The meeting of a man made entity and some of the most isolated landscapes on the planet.

Still from Grey Mountain

Grey Mountain

After a shocking discovery at Grey Mountain Cemetery, an isolated teenager sets out to find her mother.

Still from Homecoming Song

Homecoming Song

The story of two men who came home.

Still from Jim Robb’s Yukon: The Exaggerated Truth

Jim Robb’s Yukon: The Exaggerated Truth

Jim Robb’s illustrations of Yukon characters and landmarks have greatly influenced the Yukon’s idea of itself

Still from Like A River

Like A River

An exploration of grief and life told through a 9,000 km canoe journey to raise awareness about mental health.

Still from Mad Miners Muckup

Mad Miners Muckup

Whitehorse physical education teacher, Peter Grundmanis, learned to play hockey in the 1970s on a rink on the side of a mountain in Elsa, Yukon. Endless snow shoveling, 30 below and hard-checking miners only seemed to spur his dream.

Still from My Indian Bum

My Indian Bum

A humorous examination of how we all sometimes fall victim to racial prejudice. Film by Tr'ondek Hwech'in filmmaker, Kerry Barber.

Still from SHIFT


A half hour documentary about a group of Indigenous youth who spent 10 years converting traditional trails around their hometown of Carcross, Yukon, into a world-class mountain biking destination.

Still from The Grubstake Remix

The Grubstake Remix

The Grubstake Remix reimagines Nell Shipman's 1923 northwoods melodrama as a dramatic comedy where the on-screen characters speak in Shakespearean English and French.

Still from The Provider

The Provider

Part 1 of a Northern Gothic Trilogy

Still from You Don’t Know Jack

You Don’t Know Jack

A Yukoner introduces his brother to his community and offers a peak into the life of a teenager living with autism.

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