2019 Releases

Films from the Yukon and/or by Yukon Filmmakers

Still from All the Time in the World

All the Time in the World

A family spend the winter living in a small cabin with no road access, no electricity, no running water, no internet and not a single clock or watch.

Still from Boar Attack

Boar Attack

A boy is forced to confront his fears around his father's mysterious disappearance. Was it a diseased insect? Diarrhea? The boy must find a way to accept his loss, or face a fate worse than death.

Still from Dawson Town Melted Down

Dawson Town Melted Down

Why did I move to the Yukon? "My heart, melted down in this frozen town."

Still from Left Hand Path

Left Hand Path

There are wyrd things done in the midnight sun…

Still from Memory Trap: The Herd That Wouldn’t Disappear

Memory Trap: The Herd That Wouldn’t Disappear

The amazing story of the Forty Mile Caribou Herd and how traditional knowledge and science saved the herd from near extinction.

Still from River


This poetic short documentary tells the story of the Yukon River as running from the future, into the past.

Still from The Vast Forlorn

The Vast Forlorn

A young drifter joins a miner's union and finds out what it really means to pay your dues.

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