Indigenous Stories and Creators

Here are five films centred on indigenous life and peoples in Yukon. From a sacred mountain transformed and rescued as a hub for mountain biking to an animated documentary weaving together two stories centred on returning from afar, these films offer a wide range of works, representing many of the Yukon's First Peoples. 

Homecoming Song (2020) - From filmmaker Daniel Janke, this poetic documentary features stories from Carcross elder Ida Calmegane of her brother's time serving during World War II. Weaved within this story is an animated journey (from Andrew Sharp) depicting Kaax'achgook of the Kiks.adi clan returning home after being lost at sea. These stories are tied together by the Kaax'achgóok song sung by Ida, her brother Pete, and their mother, Angela Sidney.

My Indian Bum (2007) - A comedic and inviting short documentary from Tr’ondek Hwech’in filmmaker Kerry Barber, My Indian Bum is an examination of racial stereotypes through the lens of those whom the stereotype characterizes. Expect a lot of laughter as the subjects consider the origins of this posterior prejudice.

Pictures Don't Lie (2016) - This documentary is told through the photographs and journal entries of JJ Van Bibber's life growing up in Yukon. Dawson City-base director Lulu Keating allows the narrative to ebb and flow through JJ's childhood, family, and connection to the land with compelling ease.

SHIFT (2016) - A group of indigenous youth spend 10 years turning Montana Mountain into a world-class mountain biking destination. This half-hour film, from Whitehorse filmmaker Kelly Milner, offers a look into how the future of Carcross might be connected to the area's past. Look out for some excellent action photography 

Two Winters (2004) - How does an Indonesian volcanic eruption affect the lives of a Southern Tutchone family in the 1800s? Watch how Inland Tlingit filmmaker Carol Geddes uses animation and live action footage to create an air of myth and wonder.

Still from Homecoming Song

Homecoming Song

The story of two men who came home.

Still from My Indian Bum

My Indian Bum

A humorous examination of how we all sometimes fall victim to racial prejudice. Film by Tr'ondek Hwech'in filmmaker, Kerry Barber.

Still from Pictures Don’t Lie

Pictures Don’t Lie

Illuminated with family photographs, JJ Van Bibber tells the story of his life in the Yukon Territory.

Still from SHIFT


A half hour documentary about a group of Indigenous youth who spent 10 years converting traditional trails around their hometown of Carcross, Yukon, into a world-class mountain biking destination.

Still from Two Winters

Two Winters

Live-action and animation combine to tell the Southern Tutchone story of how a First Nations family in the early 1800s survives when a volcanic eruption in Indonesia throws Canada’s north into an extended winter.

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