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As we watch the world grapple with unprecedented times, there is no doubt that we find ourselves encountering extraordinary challenges, disruptions and change. Our daily lives have been upended, conflating private space with the public realm as, for many, work life bleeds into our leisure. All the while, we are witnessing an unearthing of the deep-seated social and economic inequalities in society. Although this liminal space is riddled with uncertainty and disparity, it provides us with the opportunity to imagine and fight for a vision of the world we want to see on the other side of Covid19; a rite of passage and process through this transitional moment.

This curated series gestures towards some of the novel situations that we might currently find ourselves in as a result of social distancing, self-isolation or quarantine. These films explore some of the varying perspectives and effects of this new and surreal reality, which is, for some, behind the luxury of walls where time is both at a standstill and sharply fragmented and blurred. For others, these months mark a period of extreme fear and injustice. Some of the works depict physical or psychological entrapment and the subsequent spiral into one's own darkest thoughts and dimensions of consciousness. Moments of solitude are reclaimed and imbued with dignity and strength. Our distant pasts are subject to review as we await the uncertain future that lies ahead.

Still from All It Gives

All It Gives

Showcasing one of Toronto's best up and coming Hiphop dancers, "All It Gives" follows the story of Kosi Eze, a Nigerian immigrant who moved to Canada when she was fourteen.

Still from Camera Trap

Camera Trap

Camera Trap, is an intimate portrait about aspiring wilderness photographer Peter Mather and the lengths he will go to capture the one perfect shot to tell the story of the Porcupine Caribou herd and the greatest land migration on earth.

Still from Jim Robb’s Yukon: The Exaggerated Truth

Jim Robb’s Yukon: The Exaggerated Truth

Jim Robb’s illustrations of Yukon characters and landmarks have greatly influenced the Yukon’s idea of itself

Still from Left Hand Path

Left Hand Path

There are wyrd things done in the midnight sun…

Still from Like A River

Like A River

An exploration of grief and life told through a 9,000 km canoe journey to raise awareness about mental health.

Still from Mad Miners Muckup

Mad Miners Muckup

Whitehorse physical education teacher, Peter Grundmanis, learned to play hockey in the 1970s on a rink on the side of a mountain in Elsa, Yukon. Endless snow shoveling, 30 below and hard-checking miners only seemed to spur his dream.

Still from My Indian Bum

My Indian Bum

A humorous examination of how we all sometimes fall victim to racial prejudice. Film by Tr'ondek Hwech'in filmmaker, Kerry Barber.

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