Uniquely Whitehorse

These four films capture the unique contrast between the remoteness of the Yukon and its importance as a hub for art and culture in the region. Each of these works is an insight into different aspects of Whitehorse; the art, the history, the people, and its stories. 

Cold Paradise (2013) - directed by filmmaker Werner Walcher with cinematography from Allan Code, Cold Paradise documents the vibrant Filipino community in Whitehorse and across the Yukon. The contrast between the tropical temperatures and high-density cities of the Phillipines and the frigid, resolute Yukon is jarring for Whitehorse's newest residents but through adversity many of Yukon's filipinos have found a new home in the north, adding to the already rich cultural fabric the territory has to offer. 

Grey Mountain (2018) - a heartwarming story about loss and connection from filmmakers Naomi Mark and Marty O'Brien, Grey Mountain takes audiences on a journey through some of  Whitehorse's neighborhoods, threaded together with a young woman's journey as she travels to the actual location of her mother's grave. Look for scenes set at the Grey Mountain Cemetery, underneath the Robert Campbell Bridge, along the Klondike and Alaska Highways. 

Jim Robb's Yukon: The Exaggerated Truth (2014) - produced in collaboration with the Yukon Arts Centre and directed by Zoë Toupin and Andrew Connors, Jim Robb's Yukon is a snapshot of the life of one of Whitehorse's most recognizable and celebrated painters. It's difficult to visit Whitehorse and not see one of Jim's prints for sale at one of the city's shops or hanging in a hotel lobby. His works embody the curious and, at times, chaotic nature of the territory's history and landscapes. 

Never Happen Here: The Whitehorse 911 Story (2011) - the 46-minute documentary by Whitehorse-based filmmaker Max Fraser is a riveting account of how Whitehorse experienced its own panic during the September 11th terror attacks. Schools were evacuated as fears of a hijacked passenger plane was rerouted to the Whitehorse airport. News and archival footage, along with accounts from military personnel, add to the bizarre tale of the only aircraft on 9/11 to actually transmit a hijack signal. 

Still from Cold Paradise

Cold Paradise

Why are so many workers from the Philippines trading tropical beaches for frozen tundra in the Yukon?

Still from Grey Mountain

Grey Mountain

After a shocking discovery at Grey Mountain Cemetery, an isolated teenager sets out to find her mother.

Still from Jim Robb’s Yukon: The Exaggerated Truth

Jim Robb’s Yukon: The Exaggerated Truth

Jim Robb’s illustrations of Yukon characters and landmarks have greatly influenced the Yukon’s idea of itself

Still from Never Happen Here: The Whitehorse 911 Story

Never Happen Here: The Whitehorse 911 Story

Terror in the sky wreaks havoc on the ground as a  “hijacked” 747 approaches a remote northern town on 9/11.

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