Episode 2

Episode 2

Broke Down Dawson Town

Season 1, episode 2
2016 | 23 minutes

Tom and Harry fled a troubled past in Nova Scotia and came all the way to the Yukon, looking for a new start and hoping to get rich. They believe Harry's brother Dick who told them he struck it rich in gold fields but it's just a lie. Tom never trusted Dick before, and this is the last straw. Worse, Tom thinks Dick will blow their cover and make things worse. Harry is stuck in the middle, trying to play peacemaker for the two men she loves, and it strains her relationship with Tom. Desperate, Harry and Tom seek counselling while trying to eke out a living. They get to know the ways of the locals in this far-flung northern community at the end of the road. Everything seems to go wrong, but their love conquers all.

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